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Professional LED Retrofit

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Start date Mar 02, 2015
Country    Copenhagen, Denmark  Copenhagen, Denmark
Subject    Professional LED Retrofit
We are looking for a professional Taiwanese LED-retrofit
supplier with guaranteed products for professional use only !

The need is a full line 12 V MR16, 230V PAR16, PAR20,
PAR30 and PAR38 as well as all various bulbstypes in varius
wattages and bases E14, E27 and GU10.
Spreading angles various and colours shall be 2500K , 2700 K,
3000 K and 4000 K. RA-value: Not under 85 - best 90 and 95.

LED replacement for fluorescent tubes are also interesting if
they are with diffused light without any light dots and have
same lumen or better than fluorescent tubes. They must have seperate
driver and not 230V at the lampholders G13 and G5. There must
only be appr. 28 Volts.

Best regards,

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