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Xiamen Zhongxinda Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd
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China Made HHO Pem Hydrogen Generator PEM electrolyzer For fuel cell car

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China Made HHO Pem Hydrogen Generator PEM electrolyzer For fuel cell car
water to hydrogen generator
Contact us Sales manager:miya zheng Email: Whatsapp: 86-18020776792 Skype: miyazheng520 Mobile: 86-18020776792 Technical specifications Hydrogen Production and Drying Integrated Device in Power Plant We are equipped with complete machining, assembly, electronic control, instruments, cold work, gasket pressing and other production workshops and facilities,in strict accordance with the ISO certification system for daily management. Hydrogen Production and Drying Integrated Device in Power Plant P/N ZXDH2/2.2 ZXDH2/3.3 Part Name Frame 1 Frame 2 Frame 3 Frame 1 Frame 2 Frame 3 Length(mm) 3000 1740 1500 3000 1800 1740 Width(mm) 2000 1100 1100 2000 1700 1100 Height(mm) 2150 270(thickness) 1500 2450 270(thickness) 1360 Main Products ➤Gas Purification Equipment Gas purification equipment is the equipment which uses different processes to purify the raw gas in the view of the impurities of different components and those needing to be removed that are contained in raw gas. ➤Electrolyzer: With the rapid dynamic response of Zhongxinda Electrolyzer, hydrogen production can be carried out on site regardless of the type of hydrogen used by the customer, while ensuring the perfect control of process and cost. ➤Hydrogen Recycling Device Hydrogen recycling device is mainly applied in the condition that large amount of hydrogen is used by the user in the production process, and the hydrogen is basically not consumed or rarely consumed in the use process. ➤ZXD Separated Type Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Production Equipment/System The hydrogen production capacity of single equipment is up to 20Nm3/h-1500Nm3/h, and hydrogen production’s layout is achieved by station.The exterior of all stainless steel equipment has been polished which makes it good-looking. ➤Hydrogen Storage Tank According to customer requirements, we can provide hydrogen storage tank equipment of various sizes and pressures. After-sales Service Support Zhongxinda is committed to providing high quality products and equipment. The hydrogen production engineering department is backed up with senior engineers, covering production, installation, commissioning, and other services.It is a comprehensive after-sales service team with technical service strength. ➽ Training on how to install and use the machine. ➽ Engineers can come to repair the hydrogen production units. The main products of Zhongxinda also include: hydrogen purification device, oxygen purification device, nitrogen purification device, pressure swing adsorption hydrogen production device, pressure swing adsorption oxygen production device, pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production device, methanol cracking hydrogen production device and pure water device. Email: || MIYA ZHENG
China Made HHO Pem Hydrogen Generator PEM electrolyzer For fuel cell car
Jun 27, 2021
Dec 24, 2021